Steve Riggs


Hi, my name is Stephen, but my friends call me Steve.

My co-workers have called me "Shoes",
since I worked for a place with 5 Steve's, I was the only one with funky shoes, (hence the name).

I used to instruct swing dance, so I have bowling shoes for practice, and spectator shoes for dancing.
I now have over 52 pair in my collection.

I think what you wear on your feet,
says a lot about you. So I wear this name as a badge of honor.

I love my job, and it's very rewarding, doing computer work.
I love helping people understand their technology.
Here is
My Resume.

I've found, over the years, that Karaoke is a great way to unwind
and have fun with my friends. So I've worked off and on as a KJ,
(Karaoke Jockey) in my spare time for the last 15 years.

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Our little boy Tommy.

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